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"I truly believe that some of the best memories ever made are done in the kitchen."



Hi I’m Valerie! For as long as I remember I have always talked and dreamed about having a cake making business. As a girl, I remember sitting at my mother’s kitchen counter while I watched her make the most amazing cakes I had ever seen. It was sharing those moments with her that I found my love for baking and creating beautiful and fun cakes. Hence my company name “Baking Memories.” I truly believe that some of the best memories ever made are done in the kitchen.

I am a licensed home business located in Saratoga Springs, Utah.  I am current with my food handlers permit and follow high hygiene standards similar to a commercial kitchen. Additional actions have also been taken to insure cleanliness during the pandemic. These include frequent disinfecting, increased hand washing, the use of barriers, decreased foot traffic and contactless pick up.

 My goal is to not only create amazing tasting cakes, but have it be something worth remembering for years down the road. I would love to be part of your special memories by creating that perfect memorable cake, whether for a wedding, birthday, or other special event.

Please note that this kitchen is not officially inspected, however it does follow the rules for the sale of food prepared in a home kitchen under the Home Consumption and Homemade Food Act (HB181). Foods consumed from here may contain trace amounts of allergens.  Even though I am confident in my food handling cleanliness, it is required that I suggest you consume these products at your own risk.  

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